1 The main facade looking onto Jeruzalémská Street with a biblical verse along the perimeter of the main arch: This is the gateway to the Lord – the righteous shall enter through it. (Psalm 118:20)
2 The main entrance with a biblical verse along the perimeter of the central arcade of the front portico: Have we not one Father? Did not one God create us? (Malachi 2:10)
3 Side entrances to the women’s gallery.
4 Vestibule with memorial plaques commemorating the Smíchov Jewish Community’s chairman Antonín Fried (1872–1945) and his son František Fried (1903–1944). Above the vestibule is a winter prayer room and above it a large organ. The latter is the work of Emanuel Štěpán Petr (1853–1930), who made 350 organs across Bohemia and Moravia. This instrument also has clarinet, trumpet and trombone registers, which add to the grandeur of the sound. In disuse for many years, it is now awaiting comprehensive repairs.
5 To the left of the entrance in the main nave is a memorial plaque from the Zigeuner Syna-gogue(demolishedinMay 1906),which was installed in the 19th century in memory of its founder Solomon Zalkind Zigeuner (d. 1665/68 in Vienna) and his wife Golda (d. 1613 in Prague). Probably built in 1613, the Zigeuner Synagogue was repaired in 1701 after a fire that broke outin1693.
6 Plinths for raised benches in the west-facing partofthe synagogue.
7 Stained-glass windows with the namesofthe do-norswhohadpaidforthem.
8 The Holy Ark (aron ha-kodesh) on the eastern wall, where the Torah scrolls are kept.
9 The bimah or almemar, a raised platform with a desk from which the Torahisread.

Biblical quotations on the gallery parapet along the sides of the Holy Ark (east-facing part)

10 I turn my eyes to the mountains;
11 fromwherewillmyhelpcome? (Psalm 121:1)

on thenorth-facing galleryparapet (on the left)

12 Pray for the well-being of Jerusalem;
13 May those who love you be at peace. (Psalm 122:6)
14 May there be well-being within your ramparts,
15 peace in your citadels.

on thewest-facinggallery parapet

16 Asforme, maymyprayercometo You,OLord,
17 atafavourablemoment;OGod, in Your abundant faithfulness,
18 answer me with Your sure deliverance. (Psalm 69:14)

on thesouth-facinggalleryparapet (on the right)

19 OLord,setaguard overmymouth,
20 a watch at the door of my lips; (Psalm 141: 3)
21 I call You, OLord, hasten to me;
22 give ear to my cry when I call You. (Psalm 141:1)