Historical Mikvah

opening hours

all the year except Saturdays and Jewish holidays

Sunday – Friday 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Duration 0.5 hours


Široká 3
Prague 1

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Price  80 CZK

A historical mikvah in the basement of the building next to the Pinkas Synagogue was discovered during an archaeological survey in 1968. Judging by the surviving masonry and ceramic objects found, it most likely dates to early 16 century, making it one of the oldest proof of Jewish settlement in this area. The area housing the ritual bath was mainly preserved. This mikvah is a classic, oblong, ritual bath, measuring 118 x 233 cm with a flow of spring water and is around 130 cm deep. The original entrance from the synagogue courtyard into the anteroom leads westward via 12 preserved steps. The anteroom was also used to heat the adjoining room housing the bath. Proof of this are traces of scorching in the areas adjoining the niche and the bench in the bath. There were several public ritual baths in the Prague Ghetto. The approximate location of two others is known –  the proximity of Židovská (Široká) Street and Goldřichova Street. Information on these dates from more recent times. However, only the historical mikvah in the building next to the Pinkas Synagogue has been preserved and made accessible to visitors.