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For nearly 750 years the Old-New Synagogue serves the Prague Jewish community as a place of prayers and contact with the Almighty. Come and experience the atmosphere of past centuries in the authentic and uniquely preserved Early Gothic interior of one of the oldest European synagogues. Close your eyes and let history and historical personalities pass you. With luck you shall meet the Maharal of Prague, the great Rabbi Loew whose seat is to be found right next to the Torah ark. Just imagine that the Golem, magically created by this great Rabbi, according to the legend rests right above you in the loft of the synagogue.

But Jewish Prague is not only the Old-New Synagogue. There are many other Jewish monuments owned by the Jewish Community of Prague which are open to visitors. Should you come from Prague or from the other side of the World do not forget to visit the beautiful and unique Jerusalem Synagogue built in the Moorish Art-Nouveau style nor the Jewish cemeteries in the Zizkov part of Prague  that reflect not only the past but as well the recent history of the Prague Jewish community.

Should you decide to visit any of our Jewish Monuments of Prague please accept our thanks.